The customer pushes the shopping cart into the Disinfector Unit, wait one second, takes the shopping cart out of the unit and the customer can shop safely with the disinfected shopping cart. The store floor remains dry and clean.

Product Description Disinfector Unit


The corona virus brings a lot of uncertainty and questions. More than ever, we realize the important role of supermarkets, among others, play in the food supply. Shops do everything they can to ensure that customers can continue do their daily shopping in a pleasant, but above all safe, way. Hygiene measures in shops are urgently needed. One of these measures is a clean shopping cart. By disinfecting this shopping cart before each use, the supermarket ensures that the customer can shop safely. Before the customer starts shopping, he / she disinfects the shopping cart without contact and without the intervention of shop personnel.

The Disinfector Unit is in use in the Netherlands at a number of large supermarkets, such as Albert Heijn. These supermarkets process approximately 12.000 to 17.000 customers / shopping carts per week. The Disinfector Unit can handle large quantities of customers without any problems, due to the short processing time of less than 1 second with entry and exit approximately 7 seconds. As a result of this short processing time, no queues or waiting times for the store arise. (See appendix Procedure Disinfector Unit) Description

The Disinfector Unit is the only system in the world that disinfects shopping carts contactless and without the intervention of store staff. We designed en developed the Disinfector Unit in our own company, with the aim of disinfecting shopping trolleys without the need to use store personnel and without the customer having to touch the unit in other words “Contactless and Efficient”.

The purpose of disinfection is to eliminate and prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other viruses, as well as bacterial germs.

This is done by means of an environmentally friendly liquid that disinfects and eliminates viruses and bacteria on shopping carts. The disinfection of the shopping cart and the operation of the unit is completely contactless to optimize hygiene.


The customer drives the shopping cart into the Disinfector Unit. The customer releases the shopping cart handle. The disinfection process is activated by the customer holding or waving his hand in front of the sensor on the front of the Disinfector Unit. This is a completely contactless action. The disinfection procedure is completed within one second, a green light lights up and the customer can continue with the shopping cart.

The disinfectant liquid evaporates very quickly, but the handle still feels slightly damp at that time. When the customer puts hands on the handle, this will disinfect the contact area of hands.

Economic advantage

It is no longer necessary to deploy shop personnel to disinfect shopping carts. The customer disinfects his or her own shopping cart. After the disinfection procedure, the supermarket / shop floor remains dry and therefore clean, but also safe for the customer. (See Appendix: Calculation 15000 carts weekly)


No water is used for the disinfection procedure. This ensures that no wastewater or other harmful residues are released into the environment. The disinfectant liquid is a specially developed disinfectant. This is an environmentally friendly product with a particularly good effect, without harmful side effects for the skin. The active substance is a substance that occurs naturally in many types of fruit and is used in foods as a preservative against yeasts, bacteria and fungi.

Skin-care ingredients have been added for a soothing effect.

Disinfector Unit contains a reservoir with 10 liters of disinfectant liquid with which the shopping carts are disinfected.

Durable and easy to maintain

The Disinfector Unit is made of Stainless Steel. This is a maintenance-free, weather-resistant and durable material. The Disinfector Unit is therefore maintenance-free. The weight of the Disinfector Unit is approx. 50 kg and it is movable by wheels. The unit is easy to transport in a small van. This saves transportation costs.


The user does not touch the Disinfector Unit, so that no contamination (infection) takes place.

For Europe, the disinfectant liquid used complies with strict safety requirements that are laid down in a Safety Data Sheet according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and Admission Number 14511N.


For Europe, the warranty is 3 years on the Unit and 1 year on the parts. The customer is obliged to buy the disinfectant from us. The warranty becomes void if another disinfectant is used. It is also possible to purchase an additional warranty. In the Netherlands we also offer the possibility to conclude a maintenance contract for the Disinfector Unit for € 495,– per year. Based on the maintenance contract, the Disinfector Unit is maintained 2x per year by skilled personnel.

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